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Biggest Crypto Gainers Today on DEXTools – BUU, PEGASUS, HAMS

Things are heating up in the meme coin market as blue-chip crypto markets remain trapped in their traditional ranges, with bitcoin (BTC) in the low $29,000s and ether (ETH) in the mid-$1,800s ahead of a week devoid of important US economic data releases.
With a market worth of up to $100 million earlier in the day, a new meme coin dubbed $BALD that was released on Coinbase’s layer-2 Ethereum scaling blockchain Base garnered a lot of attention over the weekend before losing the majority of its value as the token’s developer yanked liquidity.
Unsurprisingly, degens continue to look for volatility and the possibility of short-term returns in the meme coin/shitcoin market while price action in blue chip crypto markets has been muted.

Majin Buu Token ($BUU)

Since its decentralized exchange (DEX) launch a few hours ago, the new meme token $BUU, which is based on the well-known figure Majin Buu from the Dragon Ball Z anime series and seeks to establish a fun and engaging community for fans of Majin Buu and cryptocurrencies, has been booming.
According to DEXTools, at its most recent price of approximately $0.0000065, $BUU was recently up more than 200%, or more than three times, over its DEX debut price of less than $0.000002, and the token appears to be gaining traction.
It is getting close to 100 holders and has already experienced trading volumes of about 500,000, with a market cap of about 450,000.
The DEXTools’ GoPlus Security check reveals that the token’s contract has been renounced, it is not a honeypot, and there is no buy or sell tax, giving it a high DEXTScore of 90/99.
There does, however, seem to be a blacklist function, which might prevent wallets from conducting regular transactions.
Additionally, liquidity has not yet been secured, so there is still a chance of a $BALD-style rug pull.

Pegasus SniperBot Token ($PEGASUS)

A recently issued token called Pegasus SniperBot (PEGASUS) has been performing well since its inception last Friday amid the recent success of tokens related to Telegram crypto bots.
The token has increased by more than 130% today, according to DEXTools, and earlier in the day it reached new highs above $0.80.
At its most recent price of $0.50 per token, $PEGASUS has a market capitalization of around $500,000.
With approximately 500 current owners, the token has experienced trading volumes of almost $170,000 over the last day.
However, meme coin degens should be aware that the currency has a 5% buy and sell fee and that there are contract functionalities that allow the issuer to fiddle with the terms of trading, such as by restricting transactions or enacting a trading cooldown.

Hamsters ($HAMS)

According to DEXTools, the price of Hamsters ($HAMS), a gaming platform that mixes live-streamed, previously recorded hamster races with a competitive PvP betting system, has increased by about 100% during the past 24 hours.
With a market valuation of just over $3 million and just over 4,000 investors, $HAMS is currently trading just above $0.30, up 130% from its weekend lows of approximately $0.13.
Despite the recovery, $HAMS trading volume was only $22,700 during the past day.
Investor participation may be hindered by unfavorable token contract features including a 7.7% sell tax and a 5% buy tax, as well as certain trade-related restrictions.
With 77.5% of 102, the community rating for Hamsters is also poor votes a thumbs down on DEXTools.

Better Alternative to a Shitcoin

Investors are sometimes drawn in by the shitcoin market’s volatility, but the majority of these currencies have no underlying purpose or long-term plan, therefore they virtually all eventually become worthless coins.
Investors seeking a high likelihood of near-term gains should instead look for promising presale projects, like some of those that has examined.

Wall Street Memes (WSM)

Wall Street Memes, one of the most well-known online forums for retail investors, has lately grown in significance in the cryptocurrency space with the presale of its brand-new $WSM token. During the 2021 meme stock craze, the community first rose to prominence.
It is not surprising that the $WSM presale has raised over $18.8 million in just a few months, given the size of the Wall Street Memes community.
In addition to the 523k hyper-engaged community members on its wallstbets Instagram account, more than 100k individuals follow its two more Instagram pages, wallstgonewild and wallstbullsnft.
Analysts believe that Wall Street Memes’ 1 million-person social group virtually ensures that the $WSM token will be listed on top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance.
It is reasonable to predict that airdrops to holders will play a significant role in the ecosystem given that 30% of the token supply is being kept back for community benefits.
The first $WSM airdrop is open right now, in fact.
Wall Street Memes is already expected to achieve great things when it lists on exchanges, and you can participate in this.

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