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Bitcoin Is Booming—You Can Earn More by Playing These Free Games

Yes, it did. Prior to recently cooling, Bitcoin eventually broke its all-time high of $69,000 earlier this month, according to statistics from CoinGecko, reaching a high of $73,737.
The excitement around Bitcoin ETFs is certainly adding to the building momentum leading up to the halving. Right now, Bitcoin is making a strong comeback, having risen from just under $65,000 to a price close to $70,000 in the last day.

The only thing you’ll need is some time if you’re interested in piling satoshis anyhow you can: playing free games is a great method to earn Bitcoin. The growing practice of free-to-play mobile games and applications that provide modest Bitcoin rewards for playing levels and seeing adverts all the time has been covered by Decrypt’s GG.

In our experience, the quantities offered may be a bit larger now that Bitcoin’s price has risen, even though they are traditionally low. These are undeniably some of the most entertaining methods to get some free Bitcoin if you’re trying to accumulate it in any way you can. Take a peek at this collection of games! We’ve linked to our coverage of each one.

Mine asteroids, earn Bitcoin

Here’s a funny game that you can play on your iOS or Android device for short bursts of time to stack sats. A simple asteroid-mining game for mobile devices, SpaceY allows you scan asteroids with a tap, mine them with a second tap, level up your spacecraft and technology, and repeat the process as you travel the galaxy.

The absence of intrusive, full-screen video commercials is one of the most pleasant aspects about SpaceY. It gives you free bonuses or resource boosters instead as a reward for watching them. The fact that you can earn satoshis that can be transferred to a ZBD wallet encourages you want to watch them more so you can advance quicker.


The latest “Web2” game to receive the Bitcoin treatment is Splitgate, a popular free-to-play PC shooter. ZBD, a payments company, teamed up with game studio 1047 Games to incorporate Bitcoin’s Lightning Network into the game. What this implies is that there will be tournaments and servers where participants may earn Bitcoin.

To get things off, in December, the businesses held the Splitgate Winter Invitational, a team-based online tournament that offered 0.5 BTC in prizes.

Bitcoin solitaire games

You may stack sats like digital cards in three solitaire games for iOS and Android. Players may choose from Club Bitcoin: Solitaire, Bitcoin Solitaire, and Solitaire – Card Game 2023, all of which essentially offer a similar experience but differ in design, ad tolerance, and potential Bitcoin earnings. To read about the three mobile games side by side and get download links for each, click here.

Bitcoin bubble shooters

While there are several bubble-matching puzzle games available for iOS and Android, such as Puzzle Bobble and Bust-a-Move, Bitcoin Pop and Bitcoin Bay stand out because they provide the unique opportunity to earn Bitcoin while playing. When it comes to having fun and making money, which game is the greatest? See which bubble popper came out on top in our side-by-side assessment.

Bitcoin puzzle games

Two other Bitcoin-generating mobile puzzle games that we checked out are Ethereum Blast and Sweet Bitcoin. Despite being a rather simple clone of Candy Crush Saga, Sweet Bitcoin manages to provide good entertainment among mobile puzzlers in this genre. The name may be misleading, but you can really redeem your winnings in Bitcoin from the block-clearing puzzle game Ethereum Blast.

Word Breeze is another entertaining Bitcoin-rewarding smartphone puzzle game. It has a basic premise—it’s half anagram solver and half crossword filler—and awards points that can be exchanged for satoshis. Although the advertising are a little too intrusive and the game itself isn’t really groundbreaking, it is among the most entertaining ways to earn Bitcoin that we have tried so far.

Bitcoin mobile games

Playing over a hundred different Android games, such as smash blockbusters Dragon City and Match Masters, may earn you Bitcoin thanks to a partnership between ZBD and advertising platform Adjoe. The catch is that you can only earn satoshis by watching adverts in-game via the ZBD Android app.

Need more?

There are many of games out there that allow you to earn Bitcoin; we’ve covered a lot of them. Bitcoin Blocks, Bitcoin Sudoku, and Bitcoin Food Fight are just a few of the games available at Bling Financial.

On Bling’s website, you’ll see links to both iOS and Android. Additionally, ZBD’s Bitcoin rewards app is always getting additional games added to it. Keep checking back with us, as we will keep you updated on any new Bitcoin play-to-earn games that come out.

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