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Investors Show Interest in Hot Cryptos, Including Bancor, Cartesi, and Holo, Amid Mixed Bitcoin Price Trend

A strong rejection at crucial resistance levels has caused a sharp downward reversal in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Investors are audaciously investing in new cryptocurrency ventures in an attempt to profit from their rapid increases in value while the market trend oscillates between mixed and unfavourable. Bancor, Cartesi, and Holo have emerged as the market’s hot topics, each displaying notable price swings, which is an interesting result of the market’s low volatility, which has guided investors towards successful cryptocurrencies.

HODLers Become Impatient Due To Flat Market

Even the most devoted traders and investors have been significantly influenced by the stagnating markets at this point. Many experienced traders have deliberately capitalized on initiatives that are being disregarded while many have been tenaciously hoarding.

The recently released Asset Activity Matrix from Santiment is a tool worth investigating for those looking to stay on top of which projects might be mathematically primed to spike next. To obtain real-time data for about 175 projects, people can duplicate and combine their Sanbase API.

The goal of using this version is to find projects that have a lot of recent red boxes, setting any top 5 days (based on the past 90) for some of Santiment’s most revealing metrics. The bottom five days, on the other hand, are marked in blue, highlighting networks that are noticeably dormant (and possibly best avoided).

Network traffic has increased recently because of large price changes, claims Santiment. The most interesting chances, however, might be found in projects that have recently experienced large price increases as well as a rise in network expansion, whale transactions, and accumulation.

Several of the following projects are anticipated to display more volatility as a result of a recent rise in activity that hasn’t been seen on their particular networks:

Age Destroyed (Consumed), Active Addresses, Network Growth, Whale Transactions, and Bancor ($BNT) Transaction Volume Surge
High Transaction Volume, Active Addresses, Whale Transactions, and Age Destroyed (Consumed) Characterize Cartesi ($CTSI)
High Whale Transactions, $100K-$1M Whale Accumulation, Exchange Inflow, and Age Destroyed (Consumed) are some of Holo’s ($HOT) standout features.
Noteworthy for High Active Addresses, Network Growth, and Powerpool ($CVP) Whale Accumulation, Age Destroyed (Consumed), $100K–$1M
Storj ($STORJ): Age Destroyed (Consumed), Active Addresses, Network Growth, High Transaction Volume
Unilend ($UFT): Significant Growth in the Network, Active Addresses, and Whale Transactions Whale Accumulation and Exchange Inflow: $100K–$1M

It’s important to note that four of the six projects in the spotlight may have more network activity now due to recent price increases. There is no assurance that the prices of the remaining two will increase soon. As a result, it’s crucial to carry out your research, assess these initiatives, and keep an eye out for others in the future weeks that exhibit a similar increase in network activity.

BNT Records Massive Gain Of 65%

This weekend has been rather tumultuous in the crypto market. Near resistance levels, Bitcoin and several other altcoins displayed swings. However, amid all of this, Bancor (BNT) stood out as the market’s top gainer over the weekend after enjoying an astounding rise in valuation.

Fast-lane protocol for ARB. By enabling users to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities between BNT and other decentralized exchanges (DEXs), this protocol has the potential to dramatically impact Bancor’s recent price increase.

Another sign of increased whale activity was the purchase of a startling 4.71 million BNT tokens, or almost $2.5 million, by a cryptocurrency wallet connected to Upbit, a well-known South Korean cryptocurrency exchange. This significant purchase helped drive the over 65% price increase in BNT in just one week.

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