Top 3 Small-Cap Coins That Can Explode Even If Bitcoin Falls Post-Halving

As the fourth Bitcoin (BTC) halving approaches, there are rumors that the coin’s price may drop following the transaction. Meanwhile, a lot of observers think that the decline in Bitcoin’s price could pave the way for a successful altcoin season.

This has generally always been the case in the past. For example, days after the 2016 halving, the price of Bitcoin crashed. It was a similar situation in 2020. Both times, the value of altcoins—particularly those with small market capitalizations—soared to phenomenal heights.

Coin Edition has found three reliable low-cap coins that have the potential to rise in value after being halved, suggesting that this historical cycle may repeat itself. This article will explain the three projects and their rationale traders might need to keep an eye on them. (CHO)

CHO demonstrated as of this writing that it was prepared to overcome any obstacles and soar to parabolic heights. As of the time of publication, CHO was trading for $0.11, a drop of 8.73% over the previous day. It’s interesting to note that this occurred when the value of Bitcoin dropped below $70,000.

Moreover, CHO beat BTC, showing a 513% gain in performance over a 30-day period. As things stand, the recent downturn may present a chance to purchase CHO at a reduced price before a new upswing starts.

Still, there were good reasons why the token outperformed BTC in its own right. The tokenomics update from is one of them. An extensive analysis of the website revealed that it was undergoing a radical makeover.

Interest in CHO surged as a result of this update and the project’s seven years of experience in cryptocurrency banking. The team has started work on its B2B project, Vault, which will provide financial institutions, fintech firms, and other businesses with turnkey crypto-friendly banking solutions. Vault is built on the foundation of

The founder of stated that as part of this strategic shift, the utility of CHO would expand into the institutional sector; as a result, there is potential for increased adoption of the token and a likely spike in price.

CHO had a market capitalization of $13.09 million as of this writing. But with April’s Bitcoin halving, the cryptocurrency’s value might rise as much as 200%. Exchanges that offer CHO include and MEXC. The currency is also available on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap v3, and CHO pairs are available on Solana aggregators like Raydium and Jupiter.

LTO Network (LTO)

Following the halving of Bitcoin, another cryptocurrency you may want to watch is LTO Network. The cost of LTO has gone up by 5.53% throughout the previous seven days. However, the cryptocurrency’s 30-day performance showed an incredible 98.98% increase.

LTO exchanged hands at $0.24 at the time of writing. For those who don’t know, one of the top blockchains in Europe is LTO Network. It focuses on RWAs, enabling tokenization and keeping them in the mobile wallet of their choice.

The native token of the project has a 500 million maximum supply and uses a Layer-1 for RWAs. It’s interesting to note that the project’s founders were once employed by two of the largest accounting companies in the world.

The excitement surrounding RWAs and LTO’s private and public blockchain capabilities could cause demand for the token to rise before current bull market ends. The value of the token may rise if there is more demand and traction on the network.

Additionally, because of the recent decline in LTO, investors can stockpile the token before a rise in value. Among the exchanges that provide LTO trading pairs in the spot market are Bitrue and Binance.

Okratech Token (ORT)

The native cryptocurrency of the Okratech Token project, ORT, is the last item on this list. Despite the fact that ORT’s price rose 2.93% in a single day, its strong fundamentals indicate that future gains may be greater.

Its market capitalization has managed to increase to $4.18 million, nonetheless. A decentralized network called Okratech Token facilitates user connections between web2 and web3. The network makes it easy to optimize web content and allows for decentralized freelance employment.

A maximum of 900 million tokens are available for ORT. However, not every one of them is in use. In addition, ORT is an altcoin that has the potential to reach amazing heights in the next months due to its innovative use cases. If you want to purchase ORT, it’s available on Bybit,, and Bitrue. However, it is also important that you do your research.

Final Words

The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, as you are well aware. Gains are readily lost, yet there are chances that are not available anywhere else. But it gets simpler to identify purchase possibilities if you comprehend the underlying principles of some of these initiatives.

CHO appears to have the most potential among the three projects mentioned. That does not imply, however, that LTO and ORT would not function effectively. CHO is the best altcoin to keep an eye on nevertheless, due to its volatility and usefulness.

Disclaimer: This page contains information that is solely intended for educational and informational reasons. The article does not provide financial advice or any other type of advise. Coin Edition disclaims all liability for any damages resulting from the use of the products, services, or content that are referenced. Before making any decisions on the company, readers are urged to proceed with caution.

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